Friday, March 2, 2012


         My father Donald Joseph Sherlock was born to Charles Sherlock and Theresa Anna Barbara Nebgen on this date 83 years ago.  At the time Charlie was recuperating from his injuries on the Chicago police force and was wondering what lied ahead for him.  He knew he was done serving on the force and would receive a pension but where should he go with his young family and what would the future hold for him in terms of work.

          Donald was born by Cesarean section and therefore was a beautiful baby from the beginning.  Of course, he mentioned this fact, along with his winning a beauty contest with his mother, to his kids for most of their childhood.  Don’t you wish you won a beauty contest?  The photo below is the picture from the beauty contest and he was a beautiful baby. 

          Donald had two older brothers – Edmund, who was 2 ½ and Charles (Chuck) who was 7 when Donald was born.  When Donald was 6 months old, the family moved from Chicago to Redondo Beach, California.  Dad told me that they had made some sort of hammock across the backseat and that is how Baby Donald moved to California.  Hopefully, there were no sudden stops!

          When Donald was 5 years old, they moved to the Hollywood Hills and more specifically to a house on Beachwood Drive, where he would spend his childhood and adolescent years.  After attending kindergarten in Redondo Beach, Donald attended the first few years of elementary school at Cheremoya Elementary in Hollywood before transferring to Holy Sacrament Elementary School.  For high school, he attended the prestigious Loyola High School in Los Angeles.  

          Now, that I have started writing this I think this may be a 2 or 3 post story. So, I will wrap up this post by saying’ “Even though, Dad, is no longer with us, we still think about him a lot, the example he set,  and the impact that he had on our lives.”  Amazingly, his first grandchild was born on his birthday in 1977.  He was a very proud Grandpa that day. 

          Happy Birthday, DAD!   We love and miss you!!

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