Thursday, September 13, 2012


    Since most of our trip to Ireland would be on a tour, it means we would be staying in hotels.  So, we jumped at the idea of trying a bed and breakfast while we were on own in the city of Cork for a few days. After researching some bed and breakfasts online, we selected the Garnish House in Cork.

          Upon our arrival at 11am to the Garnish House, we were told our room wasn’t quite ready but that we could have a seat in their cute sitting room.  A few moments later, a young lady brought us a teapot, two teacups and a plate full of delicious homemade pastries.  I need the recipe for that tasty moist cake with the chocolate icing!  Five minutes later our room was ready, but it could wait until our tummies were full from those pastries.  No need for lunch now – I think it is nap time!

          The next morning we came down to the dining room for our much anticipated breakfast.  Now, I had read that this place served the best breakfast in Cork, but that was definitely an understatement!  After we were shown to our table, a basket of toasts and pastries, along with jellies, jams and honey was delivered to our table. There was a buffet of all kinds of juices, yogurt, granola and fruit salad.  The waitress asked me if I would like porridge for my starter.  Why not?  She then proceeded to ask me, do I want with honey and cream, Bailey’s Irish Cream or Irish whiskey.  Bailey’s was my answer!  Who knew porridge could taste so yummy?  I am sure Goldilocks didn’t have it this good! 

          But the porridge was only the starter course; there is a menu of various types of scrambled eggs, omelets and Irish breakfasts for your main course.  It wasn’t until the second day that I realized there was another side to the menu.  Yes, they also offered pancakes and French toast and other yummy stuff.  So, on the 2nd day I selected the cinnamon French toast with the warm spiced grapefruit. Can I just stay at the breakfast table all day long?  Now, I am totally stuffed and guess what happens?  The lovely waitress wants to know if I want pound cake for dessert.  Yeah, that would probably be amazing (dessert for breakfast definitely is) but I think I would explode so I will have to refuse it.

       After eating breakfast on the third day (since that was also the day we were leaving Cork) we needed to say goodbye to our wonderful Garnish House hostess/manager.  Do you know what she said to my husband and me?  “I only wish I could have done more for you.”   Wow!  My reply to her was “can I bring you home with us?”

          I can tell you unequivocally that I have never had this type of service at a hotel.  I definitely would give up the swimming pool, spa, room service (I’m betting we probably could have gotten that here too) and elaborate lobby for the amazing service and hospitality of this lovely Irish bed and breakfast.

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