Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WESTPORT -- Cathairna Mart

When we were done in Islandeady, we drove to the city of Westport, which is on Clew Bay.  I figured anything after our trip to Islandeady would be “frosting on the cake.  I had seen the hometown of my great grandma, which had never been part of our plan for this trip.  Yeah, I am big on planning but do enjoy the “pleasant surprise”. 

Westport is a darling little town!  There are lots of flower baskets on the bridges over the Carrowbeg River that runs through town.  We ate lunch at Chilli Coffee Shop.  After lunch, Ginya and I went shopping at Foxford Woolen Mill.  This was a treat since the only other shopping I had done was at the gift shop at the Cliffs of Moher. There is a statue of St. Patrick at the Octagon.

The way back to Galway from Westport was absolutely beautiful.  Because we had to get our rental car back by 6pm, we did have time constraints and couldn't spend a great deal of time discovering all its natural beauty but we did see some beautiful sites.  I am putting Westport, Connemara and all points in between on “my bucket list”.

We visited Aasleagh Falls, which is where the Erriff River cascades through the valley between mountains.  Of course, we needed lots of photos of that area too!  We then drove back to Galway, passing the town of Recess – of course, we all wanted to get out and have “recess” but we had time constraints.  We made it back to Galway just in time to return our rental car.  While my husband was putting gas in the rental car, I found a cemetery in Galway – imagine that!  I took some photos from across the street – we were in a big hurry!  I absolutely love the huge headstones!

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