Friday, June 14, 2013


This is a follow-up to my Wednesday post.  My paternal grandmother Theresa Nebgen Sherlock's mother Theresa Homrich Nebgen (confused yet?) had a twin sister Josephine Homrich Schmidt.  According to family legend and the newspaper clipping, their father Sebastian Homrich couldn't tell them apart until they were 14 years old.

I remember Grandma Theresa telling us kids the story often that her mother was one of a set of twins.  I think that was a big deal in those days.  Now with the help of fertility pills and IVF, twins and other multiple births are a lot more common.

Theresa Homrich married Peter Joseph Nebgen while her twin sister Josephine married Joseph Anthony Schmidt. Theresa's older sister Helen was married to Peter Nebgen's older brother Nicholas.  Yeah, it is fun doing my family tree!

What I found very interesting was not that Theresa and Josephine died 6 years apart -- Theresa in 1945 and Josephine in 1939, but that it was 1 day apart -- Theresa on May 7th and Josephine on May 6th.

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