Thursday, August 29, 2013


A lot of people make "bucket lists" of the places they would like to visit before they die.  Yeah, I have one of those but I also want to make a "genealogical travel bucket list" -- places that I want to visit where my ancestors either lived or visited.  It is not about the research here but rather to walk in their shoes or rather experience just a bit of what they saw.

So, I am starting my list and they are in no particular order.  #1 is Letter, Mayo, Ireland.  Letter is a townland in the parish of Islandeady in County Mayo.  Last year, I visited Ireland and even got the opportunity to see the old cemetery and ruins of the old church in Islandeady.  I was beyond thrilled!  So, yeah, I am possibly being a little selfish here but I want a return trip.  I have now located on a map the exact area where my great grandmother Bridget Chambers grew up in the townland of Letter.

I want to see the land where she lived (the above photo is of their land taken by my cousin Betsy on one of her trips there).  I want to see St. Patrick's church (could there be a more perfect name for an Irish church?) where she attended Mass.  As I stand on their land, I will look towards the west to view Croagh Patrick (photo below) where supposedly Saint Patrick preached and chased the snakes out of Ireland.


  1. I just was at San Fernando Mission Cemetery to take a photo for a Find A Grave request for Charles Zola Sherlock. It looks like it's your family. I created the memorials for the other Sherlocks there in the same Lot. Charles P, Theresa, Edmund and his wife and Donald.

  2. Yes, it definitely is my family. Charles Zola is my uncle, Charles P and Theresa my grandparents, Edmund and Dolores are my uncle and aunt, and Donald is my father. I will take a look at your memorials on Find A Grave. Thank you for letting me know.