Tuesday, November 3, 2015


As I left the prayer chapel in Helferskirchen, I wondered where the cemetery was located.  After all on Find A Grave.com, I found the listing of persons buried in the Katholische Maria Himmelfahrt cemetery which included a number of my ancestors.

I looked down a street and saw a cemetery.  This must be my lucky day!  We walked down the street and walked through the cemetery.  The cemetery looked new, like it was created in the 1980's not the 1700's.

Whenever I visit a cemetery in one of my ancestral lands, first, I look for any of my known ancestors.  I have yet to find any of them from the 1700 and 1800's.  Then I take (and also ask my traveling companions) to take photos of all the gravestones with specific surnames.

The gravestones are much larger and more beautiful than the typical ones found in the US.

I found graves for the following people (who may be related to me) in the Helferskirchen cemetery --

                                    HEIBEL    Fridolin        1913-1996
                                                      Sophie         1919-2004

                                   HEIBEL     August          1908-1989
                                                       Frieda          1911-1996

                                   HEIBEL     Margareta     1906-2005
                                                      Wilhem         1904-1989

                                   HEIBEL    Anton            1903-1990
                                                     Hildegard      1908-1995

                          HOMMRICH    Artur              1925-2007
                                                    Monika          1927-2012

                                   RAMM    Bernhard        1929-2007
                                                    Gertrud         1920-2007

                                  RAMM    Ewald             1929-2003

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