Tuesday, December 15, 2015


While we were visiting the cemetery in Staudt, we saw a memorial slate with names on it.  It was titled "Den Heldentod furs Vaterland starben" (died a hero's death for the fatherland).  The memorial honored those from the village of Staudt who had died while fighting during World War I.  The following names had surnames of my ancestors (and thereby could be potential relatives)

Herm Jos Heibel        gef   19 7 15

Anton Manns             gef   11 9 15

Joh Christ Heibel      gest  29 11 18

The bottom of the plaque read "Gestiftet von der Gemeinde Staudt"  (Donated by the municipality of Staudt).

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  1. Hello,

    greetings from Wirges/ Germany to you. All of my family comes from Wirges since 1650. So I think we will share some ancestors, especially since the Name of Manns is - I think the name of my great - great - great Grandmother. If you are interested in some old Photos of Wirges, please let me know.