Monday, July 1, 2013


For the past month, I have been distracted preparing to host a reception for 70 people -- incoming UCLA students and their parents.  We hosted the wonderful reception yesterday at our home.  I now am back on my "genealogical" track and will be devoting more time to my genealogical research and blogging.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Adelaide Mayer (the woman on the far right) was my Grandma Theresa's best friend since they were girls. Since she was an important part of our family (including godmother to my brother) I decided to do some research on her too.

Adelaide's father Bernard Mayer was born in Illinois but his parents were born in Prussia.  His father's name was Bernhard Meyer (interesting the name or spelling change).  Bernard was a printer and worked for a printing company.  Adelaide's mother Marguerite Heil was born in Germany and immigrated to the US in 1874.

Now, for a little bit about Adelaide's spouse Adolph Haberstroh, Jr, who she married on Dec. 31, 1919.  Adolph was born in 1897 to Adolph Haberstroh, Sr and Mary Price.  His father had been born in Germany but immigrated to the US, while his mother had been born in Illinois.  Mary Price Haberstroh died in 1906 after giving birth to Adolph's younger brother Joseph.  Baby Joseph died 13 days later.  Adolph also had a few other siblings -- older sister Ann (who died at 1 year of age), younger brother Harold and a younger half brother Edward.

Adolph Jr. was an apprentice seaman in the 4th Division of the Illinois Naval Militia during World War 1. In 1923, Adolph was an assistant buyer for Rothschild and Company (  In the 1930 census, Adolph was living in the Norwood Hotel in Chicago, listed his marital status as single and was a rug salesman.  In the 1940 census, Adolph was living with his father and stepmother and brother Edward in Maine, Illinois.  His occupation was rug salesman. Adolph died in 1948.

It looks as though Adelaide and Adolph were only married for a short time.  How long?  I am not quite sure. I do know that Adelaide had 3 siblings -- Marguerite, Veronica and Bernard.  I remember Adelaide as a very sweet and independent lady who loved us as if we were her grandchildren.


  1. My grandmother helped me with a history report when I was in middle school. She said her grandmother, Marguerite Heil, immigrated here from Germany. Seems close to your story though it could be a coincidence.

  2. Thanks for the information. I will research it and who knows they could be related. I am hoping so.