Sunday, June 7, 2015


In 1961, my grandparents Charles and Theresa Sherlock visited Ireland on 25 May. I am trying to find out who they saw and perhaps match faces to the names with the help of Theresa's travel diary and some picture slides I have.

Charles and Theresa arrived about 5pm in Dublin and took a taxi to the Shelbourne Hotel (which was not too far from St. Stephen's Green (a huge luscious green park-like area in the middle of Dublin). They first saw 2 of Charlie's relatives when they spotted 2 women at the hotel -- a Mary Glacken and an Agnes Sherlock.

According to  my research, Mary Glacken is the daughter of Patrick Glacken and Mary Ann Sherlock.  She would have been a first cousin of Charles (Charles' father Brian and Mary's mother Mary Ann were siblings).   I have not figured out how Agnes Sherlock was related to Charles Sherlock.

The next notation in the travel diary mentions a group of people waiting for them in the lobby.  It doesn't mention that exact number of people nor their names.  Note to self:  when making entries about relatives, always mention their names for future reference.

It does only mention a Margaret Sherlock.  I am thinking perhaps that was Margaret Sherlock, born in 1905, and the daughter of John Joseph Sherlock.  Margaret would have also been a first cousin to Charles.

At this point, I will include a group photo -- not sure at all who besides my Grandpa Charlie (4th from the left) and Pat (the furthest left) was in the photo --

I really hope that some day, some descendant of those in the photo will see it, recognize their ancestor and let me know who it was.  Well, we can all dream ....

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