Sunday, September 13, 2015


Can I possibly include my passion for genealogy on my dream trip to Europe while also trying to re-trace my Grandparents (Charlie and Theresa Sherlock's) steps from their European trip of 1961?  I knew what I wanted but how hard would it be to achieve it.

So, ten months ago I started planning for this "bucket list" trip with the following goals:

1. It must include a trip down the Rhine River.  I wanted to see the Black Forest and all those amazing castles in the Middle Rhine.

2. I wanted to visit the places my Grandparents visited in Germany, France, Switzerland and Ireland.  I had my Grandmother's travel diary to use as a guide.

3.  I would love to visit my ancestral towns both in Germany and in Ireland.

4.  I wanted to share the experience of Ireland with 2 of my adult children. (The remaining son just got an amazing new job and wouldn't be able to join us.)  I would love for them to see our ancestral town of Islandeady in County May and possibly others in County Meath.

Instead of doing a lot of genealogical research for the past 6 months, I focused on the planning of this trip to make this trip as productive as possible.   Well, on August 15th, my dream became a reality as I began my "Grand European Adventure" ....

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