Thursday, January 26, 2017


The first problem that I worked on while researching at the Family History Library was about Patrick "Paudeen" Chambers and his son Thomas Chambers and the lack of documentation that I have for them.

Some background information: Patrick Chambers was supposedly born in 1716 in Abbotshall, Fife, Scotland to John Chambers (born in 1682) and his wife Bessie Fair (born in 1680).  Patrick's son Thomas Chambers was born in 1774 in Glenna Bo, Newport, Mayo, Ireland.

Findings: I did locate a record "Scotland Births and Baptisms" on for Patrick Chalmers.  According to this record, he was christened on 25 Mar 1716 in Abbotshall, Fife, Scotland.

Plan: To continue to look for documents pertaining to Patrick Chambers and his son Thomas. I am interested in finding out why Patrick would move from the East coast of Scotland to the West coast of Ireland.  I also wonder if Patrick had another family before the birth of his son Thomas (who was born when he was 58 years old).  I also need to look for possible other children of Patrick, both in Scotland and in Ireland.

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