Friday, February 10, 2017


The second problem that I researched at the Family History Library was regarding my 6th Great Grandfather Thomas Myles and his spouse Miss Kendall.

Some background information:  My 3rd great grandmother Barbara Dever was the daughter of Elizabeth Myles (the first of my ancestors that I found originated in a county in Ireland other than Mayo or Meath).  Elizabeth Myles (my 4th great grandmother) was born in 1744 in County Limerick and was the daughter of Zachary Myles and Katherine Conyers/Conner (1727-1835).  According to a record I found in the "Ireland, Select Births & Baptisms" database, Elizabeth was baptized at St. John in Limerick, Ireland.  Her father was listed as Zachary Myles (FHL film #874438).  Zachary Myles was the son of Thomas Myles and Miss Kendall.

So, my plan was
1. Look for the Baptism Record of Katherine Conyers/Conners
2. Look for records (birth and death) for Zachary Myles (1725-1840)
3. Look for any records for Thomas Myles and Miss Kendall

My findings at the Family History Library, included finding an article titled "Limerick's Forgotten Son: Sir Thomas Myles" by Padraig Og de Bhaldraithe.  According to this article, the Myles family had been in Ireland since the days of Cromwell and resided in County Limerick since a generation or two after Cromwell.

I found a baptism record for John Miles, which states that his father is Thomas Miles.  John Miles, was christened on 28 Feb 1707 at St. John in Limerick, Ireland.  I also found records for possible siblings -- Mary Miles and Eleanor Miles.  I found records of Katherine Connor's siblings on  Charles Connors was baptized on 8 Dec 1729, David Connors was baptized on 6 Nov 1726 and Patrick Connor was baptized on 28 Jan 1735.

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