Monday, June 16, 2014


Last night I was researching Donald Smith, who was my 7th cousin once removed. He was born in Hopkinton, Iowa in 1929.  I found his obituary in the US Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection. It said that Donald served as an Army medic during the Korean War and that he was discharged in 1953.  Donald Smith died on 19 July 2007.

My father Donald Sherlock (in the above photo) was also born in 1929 and served as an Army medic during the Korean War.  He served in Korea from November 1952 to October 1953.  My dad died in 2001.  I wonder if my Dad ever met Donald Smith in Korea.  If so, I bet he would be shocked to find out that he was related to him.  How many people even know who their 6th or 7th cousins are?  I am thinking that perhaps some genealogists do!

Since I have begun finding distant cousins, I often wonder while I am researching will I find someone I already know in my daily life (through church, school, neighbors) are distant relatives of mine.  Are there people that I pass by at the store, at football games or in restaurants that are related to me and I have just not discovered it yet?

Here's a salute to the 2 Don's -- Donald Sherlock and Donald Smith!  Happy Belated Father's Day to both of them too!

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