Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SCGS Genealogy Jamboree

For the past several years, I have contemplated attending the Southern California Genealogical Society's Genealogy Jamboree.  Two of the years, the dates of the Jamboree coincided with the day that I was supposed to pick up my daughter from college for the summer and one of the other years, it was the week prior and I didn't know if I wanted to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles two weekends in a row.  Well, this year, I decided to "bite the bullet" and attend the conference.  Yes, I still have to drive up to LA next weekend to get my daughter, but this weekend is about me and my passion for genealogy.

I am very excited about attending this event that I have heard so much about.  I am trying not to have too high of expectations.  Instead, I would like to just "soak up" the experience and gain whatever I can.  I have decided to volunteer for a few hours each day, too.  Besides, that I am known for my "raising my hand" to volunteer, I thought this would not only be a way to give back but also to be more involved.  I think it is rather symbolic that the conference is held in Burbank (which is located in the San Fernando Valley) since I grew up not far from there in the town of Van Nuys.  My dad worked in Burbank for most of his adult life at Lockheed Aircraft.

So, my adventure begins tomorrow ... stay tuned to hear how it goes!

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