Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I would be remiss if I didn't write about my Dad (Donald Sherlock) today since he would have been celebrating his 87th birthday if he was still alive.  He died in 2001.  I have written several posts about him over the past 4 years.  So the only question is what should I tell you about him?

My Dad loved science and math.  He would always help us with our math homework.  Of course, he could always come up with the answer even if it was a different way than they taught us in the "new Math" (whatever that was!).  His studies in science at Los Angeles City College were interrupted when he was drafted into the Army to serve in the Korean Conflict from 1951 to 1952.  He eventually returned to his studies, even while having two little ones at home and earned his Associate Arts degree in June of 1955 from LA Valley College.

After working as a mail carrier for the US Postal Service (before and after his deployment), he was hired by Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank as a template maker in March of 1956.  By that time another baby was almost due!  When he was layed off of work in November of 1957, he then started working for Lockheed Missiles Systems in Van Nuys as an instructor, teaching Shop Math and Advanced Blue Print Reading.  Don then went back to work for Lockheed Aircraft in 1960 and worked there until his retirement in 1991.

In 1972 he completed training for computer graphics for drafting purposes.  In the late 1970's, he received a certificate after completing 100 hours of computer graphics operation. In May of 1975, he was featured on the cover of Machine Design Magazine.  The above photo is from that magazine.

What was amazing to me is that this all took place in an era when there were no personal computers in the home and probably not a lot in the workplace.  In fact, I remember him calling this "working on the scope" instead of calling it a computer.  When I see this photo, it reminds of me the Apollo XIII movie where they are trying to get the spaceship home, using a slide ruler.

Dad, you would be very happy to know that all 3 of my kids (your grandkids) have followed in your footsteps (either working in fields of math and/or technology).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!   Miss you and love you!

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