Wednesday, March 27, 2013


       I love finding people who will talk about genealogy with me!  I am not talking about my family members who listen carefully for the first few minutes and then wonder when the conversation will be over but those who love family history research as much as I do.  I also love finding "long lost relatives" while I am doing my research.  Okay, most of them are not "long lost" because I never knew they existed in the 1st place but it does give me great joy to find "new" members of my family.  So, you can imagine my joy when I discover "new" members of my family who want to talk genealogy with me.  Yes, I put that in my "almost too good to be true" category!

      A few weeks ago, I received a comment and then an email from Bernd and Suzanne. So, yes, they really discovered me rather than me discovering them  It turns out that Bernd's great grandmother is this lovely lady in the above photo (Maria Rosina Nebgen) and my great grandfather is the handsome gentleman standing in the back (Peter Joseph Nebgen).  Okay, how great is this?  Not only are we related, but we have shared photos and information back and forth. They had the matching photo of one that I already had.  I thought this was amazing since this has never happened to me before, except perhaps with my siblings!  Oh, and one more thing -- they live in Germany, which makes it even more exciting to me!  They translated our 2nd great grandmother's "dying card" for me.

    I love sharing my stories and photos of my ancestors on this blog. I hope, in the process, I am preserving their stories for generations to come. Yes, I will be creating a family history book with these stories, photos, and memories.  Most of all, however, I will be cherishing the "new" relatives and genealogy aficionados I meet along the way!

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