Saturday, March 23, 2013


      My paternal grandparents Charles Sherlock and Theresa Nebgen were married 95 years ago today (March 23, 1918) in Crown Point, Indiana.  They both lived in Chicago, but since Charlie was only 17 at the time, they married in Indiana.  I think perhaps Indiana had a lower legal age for marriage (okay, need to research that).  As I have told the story before, they came home and their parents made them live separately with their own parents for a few years until they thought they were old enough to be married.  But with stubborn resolve, their relationship not only survived those first early years but 65 years until the death of Charlie in 1983.

      I remember celebrating their 50th anniversary in 1968.  We celebrated for the entire weekend.  On Saturday morning, there was a Mass and renewal of vows at our local church, Saint Genevieve's Catholic Church in Van Nuys, California.  Two of their sons, Donald and Edmund, were not only parishioners there but also ushers at Sunday Mass and their children attended school at St. Genevieve's Elementary School with one of the kids at the parish high school. All 3 sons were in attendance for the renewal of vows, as well as, their spouses and most of the grand kids   Three of the grandsons -- Danny, Kevin and Michael -- served as altar boys for the Mass.  A breakfast was held at Don's house following the ceremony.  On Saturday evening, the adults celebrated with a 5 course meal at a nice restaurant.  The following day there was a huge party at Edmund's house at which not only family members but lots of friends were also in attendance.

       The above photo was taken outside St. Genevieve's Church on March 23, 1968.  In addition to Charlie and Theresa, my Dad Donald is also in the photo. He is the handsome man to the far left.  Also, in the photo, is my cousin Bryan Sherlock, who died in 2009.  I thought it was rather appropriate that I post of photo of Bryan on my blog since he was the original family genealogist.  While I did start collecting data earlier than him (in 1983), he started his online research earlier than me in 2001.  He was uploading family trees and posting comments on online message boards while I hadn't even gotten that far with my research or technology skills.

        So, thanks, Bryan, for all your research!  I am carrying on the torch of family research.  Happy 95th Anniversary, Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Theresa!  I know that you are probably celebrating with your 3 sons up in heaven today!

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