Tuesday, February 12, 2013


              How did I not know that today was Pancake Tuesday?  I made a new discovery today.  In Ireland and the British Isles, they celebrate the Tuesday before Lent begins (which is tomorrow on Ash Wednesday) with Shrove Tuesday.  "Shrove", which is a derivative of "shrive" means to confess.  Of course, that makes sense since Lent is 40 days of penance and preparing for Easter.  Well, in Ireland, they eat pancakes on "Mairt Inide" or  "Shrovetide" Tuesday.  In fact, it is now commonly called "Pancake Tuesday".

            You may ask why pancakes on this day, why not some other food?  Since the people were going to fast for the next 40 days or at least not eat rich food, this was the opportunity to use up the eggs, cream, sugar and flour before Lent.  It makes sense to me -- sort of like cleaning out your refrigerator before you leave for vacation.  Don't ask my husband about this though!  He still remembers when we were dating and I fed him moldy hot dog buns as I was preparing to leave for a week long trip to Arizona.

            I can't believe that I have missing out on this great custom all these years!  It is not too late!  Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner.  We shall eat pancakes and drink Irish tea and plenty of meat (Irish traditional breakfasts have lots of meat!) and celebrate my Irish ancestry!

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