Thursday, February 14, 2013


                 This is the house that my Grandmother Theresa Nebgen grew up in Chicago.  It is located on North Oakley. At the time of her birth in 1899, her parents Peter Joseph Nebgen and Theresa Homrich Nebgen and her siblings were living in a house on Noble Avenue in Chicago.  Some time before 1910, they moved 8 miles north to this house on North Oakley.  Theresa lived here with her parents until she moved in with her husband Charles Sherlock, probably about 1921.
             Theresa and Charles eloped when Theresa was 18 years old and Charles was 17 but then their parents made them live at their separate houses for a few more years.  In the 1920 census, Theresa is living with Peter and Theresa Nebgen while Theresa's husband Charles is living with his mother Bridget and his stepfather Joseph Gary and little brother Joseph Gary.  Peter and Theresa Nebgen (Theresa's parents) lived in this house until their deaths.


  1. Just before Christmas on google books I found a document in a Chicago library that included information on my gg grandfather. I never expected to find that. I shared it with this blogging community in "An Early Christmas Gift." So now I have a connection to Chicago.



  2. It is so exciting to find pictures of the home our ancestors lived in. Today received by e-mail a picture of a home this same gg grandfather lived in about 1850. That should be another blog post. :-)

    Regards, Grant