Wednesday, February 20, 2013


       My great grandfather Peter Joseph Nebgen and my great grandmother Theresa Homrich were married on 3 Feb 1891 in North Dorr, Allegan, Michigan.  According to the marriage license, Peter was 21 years old and Theresa was 20 at the time of the wedding.  Peter was born in Germany but resided in Chicago, Illinois while Theresa was a native of Michigan -- her birthplace and a resident of Byron Center, Michigan.

        Peter's occupation is listed as "boat header" -- not sure what that means.    Well according to Merriam Webster's dictionary it is " one that is in charge of a whaleboat or a small boat putting off from a larger boat in the cod or halibut fisheries; esp : an officer who stands in the stern sheets of a whaleboat and manipulates the steering oar and lances the harpooned whale".

        The official at the wedding was an Art Joseph Buchensenmann and was listed as a rector.  Theresa's sister Josephine was married to a Robert Buchensenmann.  I wonder if they are related.  Also, I find it interesting that they got married in North Dorr, rather than in her hometown of Byron Center.  The witnesses were William Homrich (she had a brother named William) and Mary Homrich (she also had a sister named Mary).    

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