Wednesday, May 15, 2013


For years, I have been wanting to watch the old movies that my Grandpa Charlie was a cast member.  It is not as easy as it would seem.  My Dad did give me some of the old movies but they are on VHS and BETA, so that is not real helpful.  Then I saw Grandpa Charlie (Sherlock) on the big screen in "J Edgar" when they showed a clip of "G Men".  So, of course, I had to come home and watch the "G Men" movie.

This week I took the "plunge" and started my quest to watch as many of Grandpa Charlie's movies as I can in the next few years. Of course, since they number over 300, that is quite a task.  And then of course, trying to get access to all these old movies from the 1930's to the early 1960's, is much harder than one would anticipate.

I started with the 1942 "All Through the Night" movie, starring Humphrey Bogart.  The story is about a guy (Bogey) who is a bit of a hustler, but who loves his mama.  When his favorite baker gets killed, his mama wants him to find out who the murderer was.  The plot thickens when it involves Nazi sympathizers trying to take over in the US.  Grandpa Charlie played the henchman of Ebbing (the bad guy).  I guess that may be redundant -- Don't only bad guys have henchmen?  Anyways, it was a delightful movie!

Then last night, I watched "Mr. Skeffington" starring Bette Davis, who plays a self-centered woman who lives for the attention of male suitors, ignoring the needs and affection of her husband and daughter.  Grandpa Charlie plays the waiter.  In one scene, they show him slowly opening a bottle of champagne (you got to love these old movies).  Grandpa is not credited on as being in the cast of this movie, the only way I found it was because I had the photo above and did some research.  I guess there could be other movies out there that he played a role that I don't have on my list of 300.  

Let me check the film archives to see what I will be watching tonight!

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