Thursday, May 16, 2013


           In 1965, just before baseball season, my Dad (Donald Sherlock) took us kids to see the newly built Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. My Dad and his father and brothers were big Chicago Cub fans since they lived at least a bit of their lives in Chicago.  My Grandpa Charlie was born there and lived there for 29 years, while my Dad was born there but moved to Southern California when he was 6 months old. So being Cub fans, they couldn't (or wouldn't) cheer for the Dodgers.  [I loved the Dodgers but what did I know -- I was born in LA!].  Anyways, but the Angels was a team that they did cheer for the rest of their lives.

         It was exciting to see the brand new stadium.  Each year, my Dad would take us to watch the Angels play the Dodgers in the Freeway Series. Through the years, I would see baseball games there, a few concerts there and of course, football games played by the Southern California Suns of the World Football League.

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