Monday, May 20, 2013


Continuing on my quest to watch as many of Grandpa Charlie's (Sherlock) movies in the next few years, I watched four of them this weekend.  Hey, maybe I will be done in a year!  I started off the weekend with the movie "Confessions of a Nazi Spy" (1939), starring Edward G. Robinson. The story is about Nazi sympathizers in the US trying to overtake the country in the early days of World War II.  Grandpa Charlie played the role of FBI agent Fred Young.

Then to change it up a bit, I watched two Abbott and Costello movies.  Now, those movies were funny!  Although, I did find it a bit odd that in three parts of each movie, all of sudden there was this formal song or orchestra number (in the middle of a slapstick comedy)!  In the movie "In Society" (1944), Grandpa had a tiny role of a detective at the house. In "Here Come the Coeds", Grandpa also had a tiny role -- he played the assistant announcer.  Parts of the movie were filmed at my Alma mater UCLA and I loved seeing the campus in 1945.

I have several photos of Grandpa Charlie in a movie called "Task Force".  They are fun photos (that I love) like the one I posted above.  In fact, not only do I have photos, but I have the actual scarf worn in those photos.  While I was disappointed that these photos weren't actual clips from the movie but more likely publicity shots or just shots of the cast members goofing off, I did enjoy the movie.  The movie was about naval aviation and the development of aircraft carriers and definitely more somber than my photos.  Discussing it with my son, we decided it probably was much more meaningful to have photos that weren't scenes from the movies but rather "glimpses" of the actors behind the scenes.  Another positive note, I saw my first Gary Cooper movie!

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