Friday, April 19, 2013


       Until recently, I did not know very much about my 2nd great grandmother Anna Maria Wittayer.  I had a photo of her, her husband Balthasar Nebgen and their 5 children (one of whom was my Great Grandfather Peter Joseph Nebgen).  My grandmother Theresa Nebgen (youngest daughter of Peter Joseph) passed this photo down to me. I was thrilled to have the photo but really wanted to know more about her.

       Well, thanks to my German cousin Bernd and his lovely wife Susanne (who loves genealogy as much as I do) I now have a few more photos of Anna Maria and her dying card (the above photo).  Yes, Susanne did translate the card for me since I speak no German and even less Old German (which is what the card was written in).

         Typically on most "dying cards" or funeral cards, there is some genealogical data along with the prayers.  Anna Maria's card shows her birth date as 23 Oct 1841 and her date of death as 6 Jan 1918.  It also mentions that she and Balthasar had 7 children with two of them preceding her and Balthasar in death.   In my family photo of her and Balthasar, there are five children which begs the question, "Did those two children die as babies or die before the photo was taken or perhaps even after?"  As usual, I have much more research to do but am very grateful to Bernd and Susanne for all their contributions to my genealogy research and family photo collection.

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