Thursday, April 11, 2013


       In 1965, my Grandparents Charles and Theresa Sherlock decided to move to a retirement community in Hemet, California. They had been living in the San Fernando Valley, nearby their sons and grandchildren and thought they needed a change.  Charlie was retired from his second career (acting) and thought living with other active seniors would be a nice lifestyle.  So, they bought a house in Panorama Village (rather ironic since 2 of their sons lived in Panorama City) on the 3rd hole of the golf course.  You can see the 3rd hole in the above photo.  Theresa is standing in her small backyard.  Luckily, no golfers were out there when the photo was taken.

       We visited Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Theresa several times when they lived there.  We would go swimming in the community pool.  I remember the drinking fountain at the pool had the coldest water I had ever drank, which was a good thing because it was very hot there.  Of course, we typically visited during the summer months.   Being a retirement community, there wasn't a lot to amuse us kids besides the swimming pool, so my sister and I would visit the ducks at the pond.

       After a few years, my grandparents decided they missed not being around their family and moved back to the San Fernando Valley and in fact, moved around the corner from our house so that they lived mid-way between us and our cousins who lived down the street.

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