Monday, April 22, 2013


       This is one of many photos that I ran across while scanning the "slides" from my Grandparents Charles and Theresa Sherlock's trip to Ireland in 1961. I wish it had notes on the slide as to where exactly they are in Ireland and who are the rest of the people.  Grandma Theresa is in the light blue dress with the red coat but I have no idea who the rest of the people are.  I hope they are relatives since we do have relatives in Ireland and it would be great to have a photo of them. There are photos of these people in this location and a few other locations in Ireland in my collection.

       Now Grandpa Charles's ancestors were all from Ireland -- his mother's side (the Chamber's and Kilroy's) were from County Mayo while his father's side (the Sherlock's and Caffrey's were from County Meath).  My Dad's cousin recently told me that we still had relatives in Meath.  I think we may also have some on the western coast -- in Westport or Newport.

      Hold everything!  While rummaging around while writing this post (I think it is called either multitasking or being unorganized -- I'll go with the first one), I just found a travel diary that my Grandmother kept during this trip.  Okay, this is exciting ... I may be actually able to discover who these people are and much, much more about their trip.

      Stay tuned!

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