Saturday, April 27, 2013


I promise this will be my last post about my grandparents' photos of their 1961 Ireland trip, at least for awhile!  I have at least 3 photos of Charles and Theresa with unknown (to me) Irish relatives.  I would love to know who they are.  So, I am posting these photos with the hope that someone may recognize them and share their information with me.  One can always hope!

In the above photo (somewhere in probably County Meath), I can identify two of the people -- Pat Sherlock (who is at the far left) and Grandpa Charlie (who is behind the red headed women).  I don't know who any of the women are.

In this photo, Pat Sherlock is cut-off [Put on my to-do-list to re-scan slide].  However, I have no idea who the couple is with Grandma Theresa.  This is the only photo that this couple is in.  In addition to Sherlocks (or people from the Sherlock tree), my Grandparents could have visited members of the Caffrey family too.  Charlie's paternal grandmother was Margaret Caffrey.

In this last photo, Grandma Theresa is with two unknown women.  I am thinking perhaps they are mother and daughter (love the red hair).  I hope the luck of the Irish is with me and that some day I will be able to identify these Irish relatives of mine.  In the meantime, back to researching ...

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