Monday, April 15, 2013


        When my Dad died, I "inherited" some small boxes of "slides" that had been my Grandpa Charlie's and Grandma Theresa's.  "Slides" used to be a popular option to standard photos back in the 1960's and 1970's.  Instead of holding a photo in your hand, you put the slides in a round carousel and then projected the image onto a large screen.  Personally, I always liked holding the photo in my hand better.  Plus, you can't paste a slide into a scrapbook.  So, what to do with these slides?

        I purchased a slide/negative scanner.  Who says that I am "technologically challenged"?  Well, besides my kids!   So, now with this scanner I can actually see the image and save it onto a memory card.  I then transfer the memory card images to my computer.  But, I have another problem now -- no information.  People sometimes will write names, date or places on the back of the photo.  Very few, if any, will write anything on the edge of a slide.  So, I have various slides of my grandparents and other people but don't know where they were (there are a lot of travel ones), when they were there (only a few have a date printed on them) and on more than one occasion who are the people in the image (were they fellow travelers or somebody actually related to me?)   I guess like with everything else in genealogy, this just means I need to do a lot more research.

        I do have to laugh at the image above.  Yes, that is from one of my "slides" and while it looks like there are 5 people in the image, there really are only 3.  You see it has been "overexposed" -- one photo taken on top of another.  No, it is not a trick but rather either a faulty camera or a faulty photographer (not adjusting the camera to the next frame).   I will say there are more of these "artistic" shots among my slide collection.  I think Grandpa Charlie was much better in front of the camera than behind it!

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