Tuesday, April 30, 2013


After visiting Ireland and England on what I like to term their "Great European Tour", my Grandparents Charles and Theresa Sherlock flew to Brussels and then by bus to Amsterdam.  Once in Amsterdam, they boarded a steamship for a river tour down the Rhine River.   Yeah, I told you it was an amazing trip and this was only 8 days into the trip.  Their first stop on their river cruise was in Cologne, Germany.  Now, I have heard of the city of Cologne before but had no idea what a magnificent cathedral is located there.

The Cologne Cathedral was started in 1248 but the construction was halted in 1473.  Then in the 1800's the construction was once again started and finally completed in 1880.  You can't tell from this photo (or any of the other ones that I have) but I have seen other photos online of this cathedral and it is incredible.  I think you might have to be either across town or in airplane to get the entire cathedral in one photo!  The Cologne Cathedral is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe.  This cathedral alone has motivated me to put "a Rhine River cruise" on my bucket list.

Grandma Theresa (she's in the light red coat in the far left of the photo) wrote in her travel diary, that this was the "most beautiful cathedral".  I have read that this is the most visited spot by tourists in Germany.  I can understand why!

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