Thursday, April 4, 2013


      I am always afraid that I am going to run out of topics to discuss on my blogs.  Of course, if you asked my husband and kids, they would say that it was impossible for me to run out of things to say!  I guess my worry is due to my finite collection of photos. I always like having a photo with my post. So, what happens when I have utilized my entire collection. I forget, however, what other gems I have besides the traditional  photos of ancestors.

      A perfect example is this photo above of a note written by either my Grandma Theresa or perhaps even her mother, Theresa Homrich Nebgen.  On the page is listed all the descendants of Sebastian Homrich.  You see he married twice (his first wife died the day after giving birth to their 3rd child).  Sebastian then married Anna Simon, who gave birth to 14 children (including a set of twins).  Great Grandma Theresa was one of those twins along with her sister Josephine.  I always thought it was interesting that Theresa died six years and one day after the death of her twin sister.  

    This paper was filed in our family bible and I received it as the family bible was passed down to me.  It was a huge treasure find and started off my genealogy research of the Sebastian Homrich family very nicely.  It probably saved me many hours of research.

    Okay, maybe I need to do a bit organizing and planning and then won't have to worry about running out of topics!

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